Princess Arabella Wants to Play

Once upon a time there was a little princess named Arabella. After several adventures in books she decided that it was time for a change. The time had come for Arabella to start a new adventure on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Debut on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
‘Princess Arabella Wants to Play’ is one of the first interactive children’s books with animations on the iPad. The story comes to life through extra features like music, sound effects and animations. By touching the screen, childeren discover the hidden surprises and animations in this wonderful story.

Listen or read it yourself
The interactive book can be read in many different ways. Parents or children can use the short text to narrate the story in their own words. Children can also listen to the pre-recorded storyteller. More experienced readers can read the complete story. The interactive book is on the iPad available in English, Dutch, French and German.
‘Princess Arabella Wants to Play’ is based on the books by Mylo Freeman.

4 stars. “Princess Arabella Wants to Play is a beautifully illustrated, finely detailed storybook app for kids age 4 to 10 based on the stories by Mylo Freeman.” Commonsense Media

Curious about Princess Arabella Wants to Play? Check out our videos  or click one of the images below for an audio clip.