Ziggy’s Present – Picture Puzzles

Ziggy, the little dog from the app Princess Arabella Wants to Play, has his own interactive game for the iPad and  iPhone. While searching for the owner of the present he has found, Ziggy passes through all the rooms of the palace. He meets the King and Queen, the Princesses and the footman. In each palace room children search for hidden pictures and help Ziggy discover who the present is for.

By tapping on the screen children can select the pictures they have to collect while discovering surprising animations and sounds. Play with the lights on or off and earn stars by playing against the clock. When all the pictures are found, children can proceed to the next picture puzzle.

  • Ziggy’s Present – Picture Puzzles (Ages 4-8) is based on characters in Mylo Freeman’s colorful series of children’s books Princess Arabella, which is available in bookstores.
  • Each picture puzzle is introduced by a short text and is easy to read for both beginning and more advanced readers. Text is available in English, French, German and Dutch.
  • Each time the game is started, a new set of pictures becomes available making the game the surprising and new.

Want to learn more about Ziggy’s Present? Check out our demo video here