RumdeeDum releases “Your Adventure” Maze App for iPad and iPhone

New app based on the book “Jouw Avontuur” by Dutch Illustrator Rianne van Duin

Amersfoort, NL, 15 May 2012 — Independent publisher RumdeeDum is pleased to announce Your Adventure app for iPad and iPhone is now available in iTunes. Your Adventure, an interactive maze quest with an original story and lavish illustrations and is the third in RumdeeDum’s series of apps, recommended for children ages 6 and up.

Your Adventure is adapted from the award nominated maze book “Jouw Avontuur” by Dutch illustrator Rianne van Duin. Combining a maze quest with vibrant illustrations, magical characters, enchanting audio triggers and rewards allowing users to move forward, Your Adventure the app encourages young users to plan out their routes in order to successfully navigate through the app’s various screens. Upcoming app upgrades will include new levels and mazes for kids to navigate.

“We’re so excited about introducing Your Adventure to the U.S. market.” said Roger ter Heide, CEO of RumdeeDum. “Rianne’s book is so interactive and full of eye-catching characters with a variety of routes for children to discover – it was a natural for bringing to iPad. The best part is that the app’s twists and turns feel like a new adventure every time you play.”

Your Adventure follows RumdeeDum’s Ziggy’s Present – Picture Puzzles and Princess Arabella Wants to Play which received 4 Stars from Common Sense Media.

Device requirements
Compatible with all iPads and iPhones.

Availability and pricing 
Starting May 15, 2012, the Your Adventure App is available from the iTunes Store and costs $1.99. Visit iTunes to get the app today or check out RumdeeDum.

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RumdeeDum is an Amersfoort, NL app publisher founded in 2010 by veterans of education, gaming and innovation industries with a love of story-telling and the potential of new technology. In the coming months, RumdeeDum will publish new apps for children featuring the art and concepts of prominent Dutch and European illustrators and designers.

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